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Walsall based Leamore Primary School has been awarded a prize of £2,500 from the BT Internet Rangers 2012/13 awards scheme for its creative idea to host the “Walsall Bake Off Blog”. This encourages members of the community to share recipes, photographs and videos of the baking competitions hosted by the school.

Internet Rangers is part of BT’s Get IT Together programme which aims to instill confidence and empower people to get online – making the most of what the internet has to offer. The awards scheme rewards schools which support their pupils in teaching people in the community about computer skills and helping them to become more IT savvy.

For Leamore Primary School, blogging is an important way of sharing our stories and learnings with the community. Based on the idea of “The Great British Bake Off”, the school is launching the “Walsall Bake Off Blog”, combining the community’s baking skills and the school’s blogging skills. The aim of the blog is to teach members of the community how to write and share their comments about the bake offs which the school hosts.

The bake-offs attract local residents as well as family members of the pupils. During the events, the year five students provide live blogging workshops for attendees, most of whom are of an older age and include their own grandparents. This programme gives older people the opportunity to get involved in the community and have fun whilst learning new and important IT skills.

Bake off

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